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We also understand that each business types have their own needs, and this is where our tailored solution comes in. We offer capital funding according to your business type. We have a dedicated team to assist and analyse your business, giving you a customised corporate loan package. Whether you are in the retail, food industry or just a start-up, we can help your business grow. You have the chance to borrow up to S$300,000. 

Easy Approval. Spanning in Multiple Industries.

Singapore is hailed as among the top countries with the easiest place to do business. It also stands for its name as “The Lion City” with powerful trade and currency. With a plethora of opportunities, it is not surprising to see numerous entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. These businesses span in multiple industries. As these entrepreneurs continue their operations, among the biggest challenges they have faced is the lack of funds. And this is the reason for Capitall Singapore existence.

Qualifying for a business loan from traditional lending institution is difficult, you may need to have a tenure of at least 2 years and more. In addition, the application process is much complex. Capitall Pte Ltd specialises in the holistic provision of finance to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including but not limited to factoring, liquidity financing, business, and working capital loans, expansion/acquisition financing, and bridging loans. With our low-interest loans, businesses with at least 6 months old have chances to apply. Easy application was made possible as we elevate the process.


Capitall Singapore Advantage

You may be in the stage where you are looking for additional funds to support your business growth. You may come to a traditional lending institution and found out that it’s difficult to qualify, yet time is running. You need an immediate cash to enhance your business.

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Get the Right Funding

Capitall Singapore is familiar with every business phase. In each of your business goals, we are here to support you. We will provide you with the right financing products.

Explore Our SME Business Loan Options

Whether it’s a Business Loan, Singapore SME Working Capital Loan, Invoice Financing, or an Expansion Financing, we can help you get the money you need for your business.

Capitall SME Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan is a loan used by a company to finance its everyday operations, such as payrolls, rent, and inventory.

Capitall Business Expansion Financing

Expansion financing comes in handy when your business sees an opportunity to grow and expand. It can be used for internal growth by launching new products or the acquisition of smaller companies.

Capitall Business Loan Partner

A short-term loan to help you meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow, while expecting fresh fund coming within a short time frame.

Capitall Payroll Business Loan

Payroll loans are short-term loans that help to cover your staffing fees. They can help you to divert your capital into other ventures, such as growing your business.

Capitall Corporate Loan Financing

Businesses have a credit line to manage unforeseen expenditures and fund opportunities. It can be thought of as a credit card for your business. Interest is charged only on the amount that is drawn.

Capitall Hire Purchase Auto Financing

With hire purchase auto loans, business owners and individuals can own vehicles of their choice in a quick and affordable way. The cost of purchased car can be divided into a more manageable monthly instalment plan.

Capitall Merchant Cash Advance Loan

Businesses that need additional working capital can receive extra funds through the merchant cash advance, as long as these enterprises accept payments through debit or credit cards.

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“I highly recommend working with Capitall Pte Ltd if you are considering a business loan – saves you all the guesswork and runaround. I highly recommend them, their customer service is magnificent.”
Mdm Cheng
“In the old days, when you took out a mortgage, it was probably through a local bank or a credit union, and whoever gave you your loan held on to it for life.”
Mr Tan & Mdm Lim
“Taking advantage of the weekly repayment from their flexible plans, we can do our trading with ease. Capitall Pte Ltd excel on every level, making the entire refinancing process easy to understand.”
Elton Wong

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